Why Capitol
Capitol Security
We are a security and home automation provider offering services across Canada.

For almost ten years, we've been helping families make their homes smarter, safer, and more efficient. We've grown as an innovator by partnering with the leading hardware manufacturers to bring our customers the best systems available. Using our interactive cloud-based platform, our customers are able to control all aspects of their home or business.

What Makes Us Different

Industry-leading Products

We only work with the best, like thermostats that learn your habits or a system that listens to voice commands. We're constantly seeking the coolest and newest products available.

Flexible Packages

Our packages are catered to you. We'll work with you to customize a unique package of home automation, security, and efficiency products valued at $1500.

We're Local Through and Through

We are privately owned and operated by Canadians, living in Canada. Some of our competitors sign you up and immediately sell you off to a third party. We don't. Through strategic partnerships, we strive to provide you with the best products, service, and support all through Canadian channels.

Our Process
Working with us starts with a conversation.
Do you want your home to save you money? Make life easier for you? Protect you from harm? We'll sit down and figure out the best solution for your unique home and lifestyle. All of your home automation and security products work together to make your home smarter, safer, and more efficient.