Smart Thermostats
Smart Thermostats
Smart thermostats learn your habits.
Your home will be the perfect temperature when you're around and turned down low when you're not. It even responds to weather conditions. Spend less time adjusting and more time-saving money on your heating bill.

So Much More than Temperature Control

It Knows your Habits

As soon as you start using a smart thermostat, it's tracking your habits. Do you like to cool off to 18 degrees overnight but want to roll out of bed into 22? Your thermostat will start adjusting to these preferences so you won't have to.

It's Got an Eye on your Bottom Line

By monitoring indoor and outdoor conditions, your thermostat is constantly looking for opportunities to save you energy. On blistering hot or freezing cold days, it automatically adjusts to the right setting so you feel comfortable without wasting energy.

Triggered Automation
Have an erratic schedule?
Use Capitol Control to have your thermostat and lights adjust based on other activities. Give your thermostat clues that you're arriving: turning on your entry light, unlocking your door. Or going: arming your security system. The temperature will then be triggered to automatically adjust.

All That In One Easy Interface

Smart Schedule

If your family is like most, every single day is a little different. Create a personalized schedule for every day of the week. If everyone's at soccer practice on Tuesday nights, you won't need the house to warm up until 7:00. Plan out your ideal schedule from your Capitol Control app.

It's All Connected

Your whole home works together through Capitol Control. You can change settings from wherever you are, adjust schedules, or switch to vacation mode. We'll connect your smart thermostat to other devices and sensors so it can adjust as needed. Accidentally left a window open? The window sensors will alert your thermostat to shut off the AC so you aren't wasting energy.

It All Works Together
All of our products work together to create an integrated smart home system. Get in touch to start building your own custom package today.
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