Safety Products
Safety Products
Protect your family, home and your precious belongings from natural disasters and dangerous accidents with monitored CO2 sensors, smoke and heat alarms, and freeze/flood sensors.

Catch accidents in real time

Monitored CO2 sensors

As soon as the sensor detects poisonous carbon monoxide, help is on the way as both you and the monitoring station are alerted. The alert is sent even if your alarm system is offline, so you never have to worry.

Freeze and Flood Sensors

Don't come home to the stress of a flooded basement or frozen pipes. These sensors detect flooding and freezing and sends alerts to your Capitol Control app, so you can act quickly to protect your flooring, walls, and precious possessions.

Heat and Smoke Detectors

It's a must have for a reason! As soon as it detects smoke or heat over 57 degrees celsius, the alarm system is activated and the fire department will be dispatched, no matter where you are.

It All Works Together
All of our products work together to create an integrated smart home system. Get in touch to start building your own custom package today.
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