Medical Alert
Medical Alert
Our medical alert bracelet sends for help with a push of a button.
Have you thought of what would happen if you or a loved one took a bad fall or had a medical emergency? Put those worries to rest.

Keep Your Independence

Always on Hand

It's as easy as putting on a necklace or watch every morning. Pretty soon, it'll become part of your regular routine. Trust us, it's worth the peace of mind. As long as you're in range of your security system, you'll have one-push access to help.

Immediate Response

As soon as you push your panic button, help is on its way. Using two-way voice technology allows us to eliminate false alarms. In the event of a medical emergency, we dispatch emergency personnel to your home as soon as we receive the signal from your medical alert. Enjoy your home without the fear of being alone during an unexpected medical emergency.

It All Works Together
All of our products work together to create an integrated smart home system. Get in touch to start building your own custom package today.
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