Capitol Control App
Capitol Control App
Adjust and automate everything in your home from the palm of your hand. It doesn't matter if you're on vacation across the world, at work across the city, or right in your living room: you've got complete control.

Complete Control of Your Home

Automate and Create Schedules

Know that your kids get home at 3pm? Unlock the door for them automatically, receive an alert to confirm that they've arrived with your interior cameras and turn the temperature up to a comfortable level so they aren't shivering until you get home.

You can even set up if-this-then-this logic so that your lights come on when your door unlocks, or the temperature changes when you open your garage door. Think about your ideal schedule for everything, and teach your home to respond. Setting up automation and schedules through the app is simple and intuitive.

Receive and Respond to Alerts

Your smoke alarm goes off and you're not home. How would you ever know? The app will send you an immediate notification, and you can even check in real-time via interior cameras to check out the situation. If you know that it was a false alarm, you can silence it from the app.

An intruder is attempting to get in. You'll receive notifications of window breaks or unexpected movement, with captures from your surveillance cameras.

Adjust Settings
Turn lights on and off, open and close your garage door, set your thermostat... it's all possible from one easy mobile app. All of our products are connected through the app, giving you one easy spot to control your entire home.
It All Works Together
All of our products work together to create an integrated smart home system. Get in touch to start building your own custom package today.
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